Gun Range Waterloo, IA

Our goal is to educate people and allow them to exercise their rights and uphold the constitution. We want people to know how to use their firearms properly and safely within their constitutional rights.

Gun Range Waterloo, IA

Our staff is knowledgeable, consistent and has lengthy experience. Gun Safety/Conceal and Carry Classes held monthly, call for the next date! Classes are $79 for your Iowa permit ($20 deposit to hold your spot and goes toward your permit upon completion) $125 for your Minnesota permit.

Gun Range Waterloo, IA

Whether you're inquiring about or purchasing a gun we can help. We even provide a personal walk through on how to disassemble, assemble and clean your gun. Give us a call or stop by our store today!

Looking for Reliable Protection?

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Whether you're an avid collector or you're looking for your first gun, Mr Guns is the place for you. We're a locally owned and operated gun store in Waterloo, IA. We stock a variety of new and used guns, ammunition and accessories.

We also offer gun safety classes, so you can learn how to handle your weapon safely. Whether you're looking for a new hunting rifle or want to protect your home, count on Mr Guns.

Our owner, Mike Rosteck, opened Mr Guns after retiring from the construction industry. He's a master goldsmith who grew up around guns, and his dream has always been to own a small business in his local community.

Steve, our trainer and instructor, has an extensive military background. He was an army ranger for 10 years, on special forces and then became a ranger instructor. He's well versed in personal, practical and tactical defenses.
Montana, One of our Range Safety Officers, maintains our safety policies and procedures on the range with an extensive knowledge on all your firearm needs.

We are passionate about making sure women know how to protect themselves and want people to understand that in a moment of crisis YOU are truly the FIRST responder so you should be trained in knowing how to take care of yourself and protect your family if needed. Stop by Mr Guns today for superior customer service and high-quality items.

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Count on MrGuns for the widest selection of guns in the area. We sell everything you need to build your gun collection, including:

  • New guns
  • Used guns
  • Ammo

Find a wide variety of gun types, including rifles, handguns and semi-automatic rifles. We carry a selection of older guns and specialty items. Visit our shop today to speak with a qualified gun specialist.

3 reasons to visit Mr Guns today

Here are three reasons to make Mr Guns your #1 choice for gun sales:

  1. We pride ourselves on our wide selection of unique products.
  2. You'll find personalized service you can't get at a big box store.
  3. We offer gun safety classes and permit-to-carry classes.

We want to help our customers learn the basics of gun safety. Stop by our gun shop today to speak to a member of our staff about the classes we offer.

Gun Range Waterloo, IA